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For Whom

For manufacturers of accommodation solutions with industrial space, basic equipment and experience in mechanical-steel manufacturing,welding and assembly ,willing to add flat packs in their product range.   Contact Us


Through a tailor made agreement with Sogeco Living, a local company can produce modern, full-specs flat packs without the need to invest in new,expensive machines and in the design.   Contact Us


Step 1
Sogeco Living supplies the “body” of the container (i.e. all the single steel components of the frames)


Step 2
These components are loaded ,un-welded , inside an ISO container, and shipped to the warehouse of the customer. Up to 45 frames 6 meter long can be stored in a 40’ ISO High Cube container, depending on the chosen model and size of the flatpack.


Step 3
The components are welded by the local manufacturer in its facility, to create the frame of the flat pack. OPTION: the components can be manufactured for being bolted together ( not welded ) to save time during assembly


Step 4
The customer fits all additional components (floor, walls, roof, doors, windows, electrics, etc) procured locally and turns the frame into a complete flat pack.

Our flat-packs
accommodate people since 2004


    • Customer is in control of the entire production process
    • Components sourced on site (panels, windows ,electrics etc) make the flat pack suitable to local market
    • There is no or minimal investment for adding the flat-pack in customer’s product range;
    • Delivery cost is marginal :up to 45 sets 6 meter long can be loaded inside 1 x40’ High Cube container
    • Custom duty applicable to frame components is much lower vs the one of a complete flat pack (lower value =lower duty)
    • Dimensions can be different than standard 6 meter long x2,43 meter wide of welded flat packs and can go up to 9+ meters of length and 3 + meters of width
    • The product has been field tested for over 15 years
    • Technical assistance is available throughout the manufacturing process

      Our flat-packs
      accommodate peole since 2004

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      Our flat-packs
      accommodate people since 2004
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