ISO Conversion & Speedy Kits

Safe, sturdy and durable. ISO conversion is the way to go when you need these features on your portable building. Need a “quick conversion” set for ISO containers? Discover the Speedy Kit!

ISO container conversion is a versatile and sturdy option to solve any need for space. Converted containers can be used as house container, container shop, office container, sanitary container, container bar, temporary shop, kitchen container,… Not only are we able to perform the full conversion job in house, but we also manufacture quick-conversion sets (the Speedy Kits) which allow our customers to convert any container by themselves on site with minimal manpower.

ISO container conversion

We supply the ISO container that will then be modified according to customer’s design and specifications. Used material for panels, insulation, floor and ceiling can be of different kinds and fire rated. Electrics are compliant to a number of international standards. 

Doors and windows are available in different style, materials and size.

Speedy Kit

The quick-assembly conversion set

Speedy Kit is an easy-to-fit way to convert any ISO maritime container (either new or second hand) into an accommodation unit. It is delivered in kits (normally  inside 40’ HC units to minimize shipment costs) which have to be installed on site. The standard speedy kit includes:sandwich panels to insulate walls and ceiling;  2 sandwich panels with 1 door and 1 window for the front wall (mounted right behind the container’s double door, so there is NO NEED FOR ANY CUT OUT IN THE CONTAINER!); all fitting parts and finishing trims (steel sheet and Alu made). As an option we also supply PVC flooring, electrical package and additional items according to customer’s need (plumbing, internal partitions,...).

Fitting time:about 2 hours (2 people) for a standard kit for 20’, excluding electrics.


These are the most popular layouts for Speedy Kits, other configurations are available






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